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Microsoft Finally Brings End-to-End Encryption for Skype

Skype rolls out audio and video call recording feature for Android and several other platforms

Long back Microsoft promised to bring end-to-end encryption for Skype.  The tech giant kept its promised and finally rolled out the new functionality for its users.  The end-to-end encryption of the Skype enables the senders as well the recipients to hide their chat and notifications from the world.

Other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber have already brought end-to-end encryption to their applications, but Microsoft endured to delay the move.  It named the feature as ‘Private Conversations’ that will be available on all Windows desktops and smartphones, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS operating systems.

Users will not only be able to encrypt text messages, but also the image, audio and video files while transmitting it from one PC to other.

Steps to turn on the private conversations are as follows:

  1. Click on the new chat button after opening the Skype on your mobile and then hit the Private conversation button. For desktops and laptops users, you can click on Chat+ button and then on the private conversation to start with a new conversation.
  2. Secondly, choose the contact number you wish to chat in a private mode. They will soon receive an invitation. The recipient needs to accept your invitation within seven days otherwise it expires and you need to re-send the invitation.
  3. After accepting the invitation, you can start the conversation with your friends. In case they have switched on to the other device, you need to send them the invitation on that device. The same invitation does not work in this case.

For encryption of your calls and messages, Microsoft has used 256-bit AES encryption key. End-to-end encryption is more secure than the other securities provided. It not only secures the communication channel, but also safeguards the messages stored on the servers. These messages can be read only by the sender and the recipient of the message.

Steps to start a private conversation:

  1. To begin the private call, users need to click on the private tab button at the right upper corner of the screen.
  2. Select the private call button for further conversation.
  3. Steps to delete the private chat:
  4. Hit the chat header option and visit the chat settings.
  5. Click on the Delete private conversation and from the same window, hit on the delete option. The messages will be permanently removed from your device.

Steps to end the private conversation:

  1. Hit the chat header and visit the chat settings menu.
  2. Select the end private conversation button and hit the end conversation button from the same window. To start another private conversation, users need to again send them an invitation.
  3. Microsoft plans to add other new features to the Skype very soon. These include “SMS connect” feature that will let users send and receive messages from the Skype app of their PC, laptops, palmtops or a Macbook.