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Microsoft to create movies and TV application for Android and iOS users

Microsoft to create movies and TV application for Android and iOS users

You often miss the TV updates and shows while you are on business or family trip. Watching all your favorite shows on Android or iOS mobile is a bit time consuming and irritating task. To reduce your irritation Microsoft will soon create a movie and TV application that runs on Android and Apple devices.

The tech giant has already availed imperative apps such as Launcher and Edge on your Android and iOS phones last October so that you can access the necessary office data from anywhere and on any platform. Currently, Microsoft’s TV and movies application are available on Windows 10 PC’s, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox.

It is obviously going to be a hard-hitting answer to Google’s Play movies and TV, iTunes, and other similar platforms. The popularity of iTunes was worth appreciating before it screened on Microsoft’s Windows Store in April this year. People today mainly depend on other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, but they do not get all the content they look for. Most of them are not available. Hence, Microsoft lets the user buy every content they are interested in on their non-windows mobile phone.

It was one of the most wanted applications in Play Store but still, users failed to hunt it. Microsoft will be executing a level-headed strategy. Unlike other providers, once you purchase a movie from Microsoft store you just need to retrieve those videos and TV shows instead of purchasing or renting them every time. The tech giant hasn’t revealed when this proposal would be a reality but it might roll out anytime without any prior announcement.

Alongside, Microsoft will be joining “Movies Anywhere” program. This program allows users to watch videos purchased or rented on the same platform independent on the store it is bought from. For example, If you purchase the movie from iTunes, you can play the same from Google Play or any other platform. The cool package of Movies and TV allows users to choose Microsoft over other service providers.

Looking at the company’s strong determination this expectancy will momentarily be an authenticity. To get intricate with Android and iOS devices, Microsoft gave up on different streaming music services such as Groove Music and a prominent Windows 10 smartphone. Its release date is still not confirmed but the work is going on and it will be showed up in your store very soon.

All the Microsoft oriented folks, here the countdown begins where you would get more than what you expect.