Home Tech News More Than 25 Million Android Phones Have Been Hit With A Malware

More Than 25 Million Android Phones Have Been Hit With A Malware

More Than 25 Million Android Phones Have Been Hit With A Malware

When it comes to using a smartphone, people love Android smartphones, but yesterday was terrible for all Android users. Reportedly more than 25 Million Android phones have been hit with a malware which replaces WhatsApp like apps with evil versions. The Israeli security company said that this new attack requires a quick update which will solve the problem it has caused to the users worldwide. The report further shows that the majority of the users who got affected because of this malware are from India.

More than 15 million users got affected because of this malware who are now on the verge of security threat. More than 300000 users in the USA faced this cyber attack, and 137000 users in the UK also suffered from it. This new cyber attack is one of the severe threats that have hit Google’s operating system. After some investigation, it’s been found that the malware which is causing so much of problems is spread by a third party app store 9app.com which is owned by a Chinese e-commerce giant company Alibaba. This cyber attack was mostly focused on developing countries like India, Indonesia, but since the malware has also hit the USA, the UK is also quite surprising.

In this cyber attack, the replaced apps will serve lots of malicious ads on Android smartphones. Experts said it’s unclear about how this malware is going to harm users smartphone because this malware has endless possibilities of harming users device. Google and prescribed authority got warned about this hack, and they are working to fix it. Big apps like WhatsApp and Opera browser got replaced with evil versions, and people are now advised to check the authenticity of these apps. Such type of issues shows the rising problem of cybersecurity in today’s world and why big companies still fail to control it.