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Mozilla is allegedly working on the new browser which it names as ‘Fenix’

Mozilla is allegedly working on the new browser which it names as ‘Fenix'

Mozilla is an open-source free browser and a joint collaboration between Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. It was founded in 1998 by the team of Netscape. It’s been made available from a number of operating systems including macOS, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), macOS, Linux, and Windows. Firefox for Android, it’s sibling is specially designed for Android platform users.

The recent report reveals that Mozilla is currently working on a new web browser “Fenix” specially designed for Android smartphones. Their main target will be today’s young generation who is more involved in getting close to technology today. Mozilla has been thinking of this new project since last month and the final demo of the software might get released next year.

When taken the interview of Fenix’s software developers they refused to comment on this project. Their plan of using this browser in near future is still a secretive part of the project. The new plan would most probably be defined in just a single line, “Fenix is not your parent’s Android browser.”

Looking at its development it seems that Mozilla is secretly planning to develop a browser that particularly works on Android smartphones. Like Windows, the mobile app will also allow users to browse in an incognito mode.

Following are some of the developments that Firebox might make succeeding “Fenix” browser project:

Firefox Focus: A browser designed to improve user’s mobile experience

Firefox: Mozilla’s flagship browser

Firefox Rocket: Works only in specified regions

Firefox Klar: A similar Firefox Rocket-like browser that works only in specified regions

The reason why Mozilla is looking up for a new browser is still unclear. According to Google Play Store listings, it’s one of the most popular that has around 100 million installers. Currently, it divulges three different browsers for Android and iOS smartphones – Firefox Focus, Firefox Nighty that is mainly designed to improve the privacy and the upcoming one. We doubt if Mozilla will bring Fenix for iOS users.

Each of the browsers has its own importance and plays a unique role in the user’s life. Fenix might outfit another set of audiences having the Android platform. No more information about this project is revealed but we might get to hear about it as soon as possible. It will be interesting to hear about how this upcoming browser rose from the non-operational Mozilla Suite.

Rumors stray that Mozilla might design Firefox Reality browser specially designed for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets.