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NASA is all set to ferry its massive rocket part on Mississippi River on a barge

NASA is all set to ferry its massive rocket part on Mississippi River on a barge

This Wednesday, the streets of New Orleans witnessed the transportation of a large NASA rocket part from its origin place – New Orleans Space Factory to a barge currently docked at Mississippi River. NASA has plans to float it up on a barge in the river for testing. NASA announced that they had completed the core stage of SLS, which stands for Space Launch System; it measures 212 feet from one end to another, over 27 feet in diameter. The crew will soon take it to the Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. The space center is located over 50 miles northeast of the city of New Orleans.

This rocket system is part of NASA’s Artemis space program that will take astronauts to the moon. The core stage part was taken for testing from the Michoud Assembly Center to the riverside. NASA has planned to launch Artemis in 2021, before that the region will undergo some crucial tests at Stennis Space Center.

The SLS core stage has four massively powerful engines that make it the most significant rocket system that NASA has ever assembled since the Apollo program, the program that took astronauts to the moon. Artemis I is a test flight that will not carry any crew; however, Artemis II will be the human-crewed spacecraft. NASA’s Artemis III is designed to land a team on the south pole of the moon. This entire spaceflight will be a leap towards the ambitious Mars mission. The core stage is an integral part of the rocket. The RS-25 engines produce a whopping 2 million pounds of thrust that will propel it towards space. The hydrogen and liquid oxygen tank have a holding capacity of 733,000 gallons. The core stage contains other essentials like computers, a navigation system, an avionic system, propulsion system. If all succeed, NASA will put the first woman on the moon by 2024.

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