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New Emission Tests Are Becoming a Problem for Volkswagen to Cope Up

New Emission Tests Are Becoming a Problem for Volkswagen to Cope Up

German car manufacturer, Volkswagen has warned their main factory, which is in Wolfsburg on the possibility of facing shutdowns in a temporary manner later this year, as a result of the new emissions test standards.

This might happen to prevent those vehicles from getting built up, which are still to receive approval for sale.

September onwards, European Union is set to apply more rigorous standards, primarily for getting real driving conditions replicated.

Volkswagen has stated that it does not have enough equipment to cope up with the standards and thus fear about having cars, which would lag behind in meeting up with the same.

Herbert Diess, the Chief Executive of Volkswagen during a meeting with the unions on Wednesday, had gone on to admit that meeting the new requirements and getting approval for the sale of new cars, was indeed turning out to be a big challenge.

He has already communicated to the staff, that Volkswagen would only build vehicles which meet up the new standards. The cars would be delivered on a gradual basis, as and when they receive the necessary approvals.

Mr. Diess added that a number of vehicles will have to be shifted to the warehouse in the meantime but they would plan for the closure days through the end of the month of September, hence ensure that the number of vehicles going to the warehouse is not too high.

Volkswagen was involved in the cheating case, over their car emissions, during the month of September in 2015 and now they are still facing the fallout from that scandal. That scandal broke out when Volkswagen had installed highly sophisticated software, which was known as defeat devices in the diesel vehicles issued between the year 2008 and 2015.  The software could make out when the emission tests were on, based on the steering wheel’s position, the speed of the vehicle, length of time for engine’s operation and barometric pressure.

In the previous month, Martin Winterkorn, former chief executive got charged by US prosecutors in Detroit for conspiring against regulators to mislead them.

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