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New Update to ‘WhatsApp delete for everyone’ feature – Get Ready to Make Your Life Easy


New Update to the WhatsApp’s feature ‘delete for everyone’ is the fascinating news to the world. This application is probably the most utilized messaging app in the world, bringing updates to its old features making our lives easier.

A number of times, you might notice that a file sent to you gets accidentally deleted. Now the messaging app has a solution to it. As per WABetalInfo (WhatsApp beta tester), the app now permits its users to download the deleted media files from their server. The reports revealed that the WhatsApp carries to store the files on its server even if the user has downloaded it.

Surprisingly, it’s not the first time, it happened. This feature was partially obtainable before as well. The files, that weren’t downloaded for 30 days were made available on their servers. When the application user has downloaded the file, it automatically gets removed from the server of the company. Now the application has been modified on this feature and brought a new update to it. From onwards, WhatsApp won’t delete the media files from its server even after the file has been downloaded by the user. It facilitates the users with downloading choice to the deleted media files.

The reports told that the media files received 2 months ago were also successfully downloaded again during the test. In the testing period, it was said that the files sent weeks ago were available to download even after numerous attempts.

More interestingly, the files kept on the server are also secured and continues to be end-to-end encrypted. Nonetheless, one of the major drawbacks is that this latest feature is now only made available to the Android devices only. iOS devices are asked to wait for a while to receive the fresh update.

The Mountain View-based cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service, WhatsApp runs on smartphones and is also accessible on desktops using its WhatsApp Web feature. This platform was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It has grown in various nations including India, Brazil, and most of the European countries.