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Nikon’s upcoming teaser with full frame mirrorless camera divulges the new mount


Nikon releases another stylish teaser, this time, with full frame mirrorless camera. The camera will be given a new lens mount that looks even more astonishing than the previous models. Nikon has not revealed its features all at once but will discloses it step by step.

Initially, the company revealed about the mirrorless camera but now the rumored news tells about an additional unveiled feature, “a new Z-mount”. “We are setting our business with the model that would work and be-loved for next 100 years. This change will be a challenge for all the upcoming cameras in future”, Nikon states in an interview.

Several generations of Nikon adopted F mount cameras. Hence, building on that technology and DNA is an inspiring thought and we are aiming to make it successful, they further added. In new Nikon Z mount camera, you will get to see at least 11 clearly noticeable electrical contacts for sake of transmitting camera information from lens to body and vice versa. While the F mount lenses have only 10 contacts.

But, that’s not something surprising as Nikon’s even smaller 1-inch CX-mount lenses have 12 contacts, one contact more than Z mount. Another major difference is that Z mount comes with a four-tabbed bayonet while F-mount with three-tabbed bayonet mounts.

The mount size of the upcoming camera will be comparatively larger than the rest of the body. Rumors say, before the next release, Nikon might reveal out four more teasers. The new Z-mount camera will have 49mm external diameter and flange focal distance of 16mm. While, Nikon F and Sony E on the other hand, have 44mm and 46.5mm of external diameters and 46.1mm and 18mm of flange focal distances respectively.

Currently available Nikon F-mount lenses can work well with the new mirrorless camera by using an F-mount adapter. Nikon does not aim to replace the Z-mount with already existing F-mount. It just wants to offer two unique cameras to the customers that would lead the camera industry.

Nikon’s this effort might prove to be a leading competitor for Sony. Z-mount mirrorless camera is expected to roll out on this August 23rd, said Nikon officials.