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Nine reasons you shouldn’t go for Apple iPhone and change for Android Smartphone

Nine reasons you shouldn't go for Apple iPhone and change for Android Smartphone

Recently, Apple upgraded its OS to iOS 12. Both the smartphones brought a number of interesting features for the users. We recently saw some of the iPhone features that are introduced in Apple device but goes missing in Android P. Now, here are some of the Android features that are worth appreciating and absent in iPhone.

Split-screen multitasking:

iOS does not support split-screen multitasking feature. This feature was introduced in Android while it was upgraded to 6.0 Marshmallow. Users need to tap at least on two apps to make this feature work properly.

Creating a number of profiles on your Android smartphone:

Creating multiple profiles on an Android device became easier when Android got upgraded to Lollipop version. But, iOS 12 still slips down this trending feature. It allows you to create different profiles with distinguishable accounts and applications.

Speedy screen rotation tool:

Here comes another feature that goes missing in iOS 12. This feature allows users to rotate the screen in the landscape mode. Moreover, this prevents users to swipe down the notification panel every time you need to auto-rotate your smartphone.

Creation of auto-app shortcuts:

Android offers the creation of shortcut for every app on your home screen. But, with Android P you can access the apps deeper in one folder just with a single tap.

Always-On/Ambient display:

This feature is available on some of the Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, Nokia, Motorola and many more. The feature is still not introduced for iOS3 12.

Modifiable launchers to change smartphone’s ‘Homescreen’:

Android P comes with modifiable launchers where users can change its layout as per their requirements. This feature is yet to come in iOS.

Enhanced indoor navigation:

Android P consists of Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time protocol that helps in improved indoor navigation. This feature is still not introduced in Apple iPhones.

Innate picture-in-picture mode:

This feature has already arrived on Android phones but yet to hit Apple devices. Developers use picture-in-picture mode of development of their apps.

Security mode to incapacitate fingerprint sensor:

Lockdown feature in Android P to lock prolonged access to some functions of your smartphone and yet the fingerprint sensor mode as well. This feature also goes missing in all the devices of Apple smartphone.

Meta Description: Nine reasons why one should go for Android smartphones and not for Apple. Continue reading to know more about different Android features.