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No Netflix And Chill For You? Here Is How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Chrome Browser


When you get bored or just don’t want to do anything productive, then there’s only one solution for you which is Netflix and chill. If you’re a movie fan who likes to watch super awesome content, then you can do that on Netflix because it’s that movie streaming platform which contains tons of good movies plus TV shows and one won’t get bored there. The popularity of movie streaming platforms has been increased from last few months because now there are many apps like Amazon, prime, Hulu which one can use to watch movies. However, Netflix beats all of them when it comes to quality also that’s why this Netflix has more than 56 million active users worldwide. Sometimes Netflix won’t be properly working on your PC because of some bugs. If you’re trying to access it on chrome browser, then you might face some challenges.

However, there’s no need to worry if Netflix is not working correctly on your PC because due to some technical error from their side it might be down for some time, or you will have to take care of it by yourself. Here are some ways through which you can fix the issues on your chrome browser which is not letting you watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Reload The Webpage

Sometimes simple things like reloading a web page can also help you to fix such bugs. If webpage which you want to access is not opening up then try to reload it from your PC and see whether  Netflix is working or not if the problem persists then try next method.

Restart Chrome Browser

If you’re still having same problem, then try to close Chrome browser and restart it. The first thing which you shall need to do is to shut all tabs on chrome browser and then restart it. Now, this should solve your problem.

Login From Incognito Mode

There could be some problem due to which Netflix might not be getting opened from regular chrome browser. In that situation, a user shall have to check whether they can access Netflix through Incognito mode from Chrome browser. So before coming into conclusion try to access Netflix Incognito mode also.

Clear Browsing History, Cache Files

Sometimes it’s better to delete all the browsing history, cache files which might be stopping you from accessing Netflix on chrome browser. So if you’ve got tons of history saved on your browser, then it’s time to delete it.

By following these methods, you will be able to access Netflix from your computer’s Chrome browser.  However, if problem persists, then it means there’s a technical error from Netflix side. You can talk to Netflix’s customer help center and get the necessary help from them.

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