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Nokia gets back the older and iconic snake game in Augmented Reality form


Do you remember the most mutual and ever-loved game you used to play on your Nokia phone? Yes, we are talking about the iconic snake game that had made deeper impressions on your mind. Are you really missing it right now? Incredibly, Facebook is once more bringing the game back into your life but this time in an Augmented Reality environment.

The chief marketing officer and Executive Vice President of HMD Global, Pekka Rantala said, “We are bringing the world famous snake game to the Facebook messenger that we had announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2017.”

The entire premises, twists, and turns of the game remain the same but now it comes with an additional augmented reality effect. Nokia has even provided the facility to broadcast Facebook’s live integration on board so that you can share it with your friends and family members.

The classic mode of the game comes with “Snake Real World” and “Snake Mask” for all the new generation folks. The camera effect can be accessed through Facebook’s camera. Here onwards, the game is not only available on Nokia phones but also on other smartphones entailing iOS and Android operating systems.

Snake Real World game uses the rear-facing camera, while Snake Mask makes use of the front camera of the Android smartphones. iPhone users can amazingly play iconic snake character. This character will give a similar reaction to the face motion of the player as that of Animoji.

To make this available for all the Android and iOS users, Nokia did a partnership deal with a comedian and YouTuber Matt Keck to design and create snake character in augmented reality mode. Via Facebook, users can interact with the other iconic snake game players using the hashtag #imasnake2.

It’s actually the matter of disappointment why Nokia rolled out this game as a part of the Facebook fun and not a standalone augmented reality application on Google Play Store.