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Now it’s Microsoft’s Turn To Bring New Features To Outlook Following Gmail Redesign

Microsoft’s Outlook

Microsoft is all set to give Google’s Gmail a run for its money by adding new features to Outlook. For the record, Outlook is Microsoft’s email service which has been lagging behind Gmail for quite some time now. Outlook desktop app, iOS/Android mobile apps and Outlook.com all will receive improved features. The announcement from Microsoft comes within a week after Gmail started receiving new updates. Microsoft has aimed the new features for business people and comes with specific Windows and macOS apps on it.

Bill reminders are the new feature on Outlook.com. Users will get reminders for pending bill payments, birthdays, tracking works and making travel reservations. The due date will be added to the calendar and an email will be sent two days prior to due date. Users can make meeting schedules and then share them with other people using Bing. The events made in the calendar will be time zone adaptive. Users can make entry as per one-time zone and it will get automatically adjusted when traveling to another time zone. Outlook will support three time zones and make flight bookings very convenient.

For mails in which users is bcc, they will receive a notification for it. Users will get alerted to avoid any email chaos. Outlook will support syncing your emails from phone to PC/laptop. The feature will be available on iOS very soon. The feature is already on other platforms such as Android, Mac, and Windows. Microsoft’s Office Lens is also on the list of features added to Outlook. This feature allows users to crop information from a whiteboard on to an image similar to a scanner. For the initial phase, this feature will be available on Android but will soon be added to iOS yet.

There will also be a quick reply button at the bottom.  This will make it convenient for users to see their message while typing. This feature is already available on iOS and users can reply without having to stop typing mail. The new feature on Outlook will also allow users to tag people as favorite. Both web and mobile platform will be updated with this feature. External contents in emails will get blocked on the Android version of Outlook. For the iOS version, Office 365 Groups will be added in upcoming month of June.

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