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Now You Can Donate Money To The Charity From Play Store

Now You Can Donate Money To The Charity From Play Store

There are many tech companies which promote the culture of helping those people who are in need, and it seems like now with the help of tech giant company Google anyone now can do the charity. Because recently Google has launched a new feature on play store through which you can now easily donate the money to the recognized non-profit organizations. Google has decided to add a donation hub on play store through which anyone can give money to the charities to help needy people. Many speculations had been going on in the tech industry from last few days about Google’s new additional feature on play store, but no one had any idea about it. However, now it’s clear that Google has added a convenient feature on play store.

Google has listed down some major nonprofit organizations on their play store in which one donate their money. Google has taken the responsibility of carrying the whole transaction by saying that the entire amount of the donations will directly go to the nonprofit organization’s accounts and the donator will get notified about it. Here are some names of those charitable organizations in which you can give money by using Google’s play donation program.

  • Charity- water
  • Doctors Without Borders USA
  • Girls Who Code
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Room to Read
  • World Food Program USA
  • World Wildlife Fund US

The donation links are only working on mobile phones so if you want to donate the money, then you can do that just by using mobile phones. Since this donation program is new, not all users can avail this new feature on play store so if you are not able to see the donation hub on playstore then don’t worry because soon all the users will have access to this new feature on play store.