Home Applications Numerous Gmail Users Received Spam emails – Strangely from Own Account

Numerous Gmail Users Received Spam emails – Strangely from Own Account

Numerous Gmail Users Received Spam emails – Strangely from Own Account

Gmail is generally pretty good on filtering out spam messages from your inbox but a huge number of users yesterday reported that their inboxes were flooded with advertisements that were evidently sent from their own accounts, reported Mashable.

Many people posted to Google’s email service’s Help Forum and reported that the messages that they received have been sent from their own accounts despite the fact that those accounts were protected with two-factor authentication system and updated passwords. The spammers used fake email headers to look them like they came from the people via Telus (a Canadian telecommunications company), in order to get the messages past spam filters. Since the messages appeared to be coming from the same person, Google’s email service filed the message into affected people’s sent folder.

A spokesperson of Google told to Mashable that it was just a spam campaign influencing a small subset of users and the company has already started taken required measures to secure users from it. Telus revealed that the messages were definitely not coming from their servers and that they are working with vendors to solve the issue.

Google told that they are fixing the issue and soon will be resolved.

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