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On the 40th Anniversary, Sony Released Walkman


When it comes to a revolution in music, Sony has played a vital role. Sony released the Walkman TPS- L2 in 1979 which was a portable personal cassette player which got famous just after its release. The music industry got a revolution because of the Walkman since it managed to give an excellent platform for all music lovers to connect with different types of music and artists. Sony has released various versions of Sony Walkman over the last few years.

The company had changed the way we listen to music back 80s when there was no technology like smartphones, tablet. Walkman became the first of its kind portable music player which was loved by all music lovers since they could listen to songs of their favorite singer. Even though it required a cassette to play songs, it was enough to enjoy your favorite songs. Now after so many years Sony celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Walkman, and the company decided to release a newer version of vintage Walkman again.

Now Walkman is not used by people since smartphones, iPod has taken its place. But still, for the sake of old memories, people would love to buy it. The new Sony NW-A100TPS has a 40th anniversary printed on its back which gives the vintage feeling. This new Walkman is powered with Android and offers plenty of features for all music lovers. It has got an S-Master HX digital amplifier which will provide high-resolution audio and will also reduce audio distortion. It also comes up with DSEE HX processor which will compress the audio songs and Vinyl processor for giving audio tracks a touch of Vinyl. Twenty-six hours of battery back up support is enough for any audio phone. People who love to listen to music will like this new upgraded version of Walkman.

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