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OnePlus 6 With Its 3 Features Can Beat Tech Giants Like Google And Apple

OnePlus 6

Shenzhen-based brave Android manufacturer OnePlus is about to introduce its 7th flagship headset called OnePlus 6. But this time, it’s in the air that it can create an ultra-competitive market for tech giants like Google and Apple.

The OnePlus devices’ story is truly impressive one with a great combination of medium-end hardware alongside low-priced tag but high-end designs and clever marketing. The company indeed has made itself in a good position with great reputation especially in the most vulnerable market of smartphones where many newcomers are un-entertained.

However the competition is taking its new heights as the lower-end Android operating system vendors pop-up and also the higher-end famous tech giants such as Apple, Samsung and Google strengthen their grips.

So what can this Chinese company do to win the competition and attract more users worldwide to its next flagship smartphone?

Headphone jack- The Samsung’s inclusion of their 3.5mm audio port bucked the trend though also proved that there is still a space for cabled headphones with no irritating and oddly costly dongle. The company is subsequent Samsung’s chief by counting headphones jack in the flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 – said the CEO of the company last month.

Price – As per the rumours and information received via our sources it is unveiled that this flagship smartphone could be the highest-end OnePlus till now.

The development in biometrics and camera are a vibrant sign of OnePlus’s haughty ambitions. However, the concern is that how it affects the price. If the company can keep the low-price tag that has distinguished the company since its beginning, then it can certainly continue maintaining a competitive edge. But if not then will lose that key USP of the company.

Keeping itself below Tech Giant Google’s lowest $649 that OnePlus flagships have always done is key. It is the company’s powerful area offering people an option of purchasing a sim-free smartphone that isn’t costly.

Greatest Hits- It is undeniably another area producer like OnePlus and other smaller known Android vendors are decent at containing features like missing in the huge-name products. We would like to see OnePlus max with dual-sim, expandable storage, giant battery and some other features that have been lost in some recent years.