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OnePlus 6T will add an amazing feature that will not be visible on upcoming iPhones


OnePlus 6T will add an amazing feature: Competing with Apple is really a challenging task.  Even then, OnePlus has endeavored to lay down the Apple, the US-based company.  It was an amazing flagship in the first half of 2018 and it plans to soon launch its next debut smartphone OnePlus 6T in the second half of this year.

OnePlus 6T will add an amazing feature:

OnePlus 6T will function much similar to OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5T with some additional and most-awaited features.  If you keenly observe the device, it will look more like Oppo R17 than an iPhone X.  Among them, in-display fingerprint sensor, which is also called as ‘Screen Lock’ will be immeasurably thought-provoking.

Along with the in-display fingerprint sensor, OnePlus 6T will also sport a teardrop notch and a triple-lens camera system.  This will probably be first OnePlus smartphone that attributes the in-display fingerprint sensor in-line with the other Android phone makers who have adopted this functionality.

However, iPhone has not yet made any plans to add this to their devices.  Vivo was the first company to introduce a fingerprint sensor within the phone’s display.  Sometime later, Xiaomi took the initiative to implicate it within their device.

OnePlus made a statement saying, “We unlock our smartphones several times a day.  Where face unlocks is the most tedious option, fingerprint sensor reduces the number of steps to unlock the screen.” OnePlus might launch this device till mid or end of October starting at an initial price of $550.

OnePlus 5T  added this technology in last year but it did not meet all the requirements of the feature.  According to the rumors, iPhone X planned to adopt this feature in 2017 but never brought it into reality.  The list of smartphones that plans to divulge the in-display fingerprint sensor includes Vivo V11, Vivo X21, Vivo V11 Pro, Vivo X21 UD, Vivo Nex, and Xiaomi Mi 8.

Now, OnePlus 6T will also stand in the queue.  There will be three cameras sported on the device.  Two might be at the front end and one at the rear end or one at the front end and two at the rear end.

In terms of size, OnePlus 6T will be 0.45mm thicker than the previous one.  The company has made use of optical image sensor and artificial intelligence technology to scan the fingerprint and unlock the screen. Initially, OnePlus 6T will be available on T-Mobile.  That means it will start its journey from the United States market.