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Palm smartphone features an 800mAh battery, 3.3-inch display, and Android 8.1 Oreo


This would be the smallest smartphone that could perfectly fit into your pocket, rather fit perfectly in your hands. Yes, I’m talking about a new palm-sized smartphone that will slip out in the market very soon. Its images are already been made viral on the internet today. The device was announced long back in 2011.

The first ever palm smartphones introduced by Verizon will currently be called as ‘Pepito’.  It sports three different and amazing features presently.  The first one is its display size.  It comes with 3.3-inch display size, 800mAh of battery size and the latest Android 8.1 Oreo.

Though it embraces some astounding features, users need to still scratch their heads as it does not satisfy their requirements.  Currently, the tiny device will be available in the US market only.  Later, if it works all well, Verizon will increase the production rate and release it globally.

The Palm brand was first assimilated by HP in April 2010, but the webOS department did not do well and bolted down in 2011.  Later, in 2015, LG took over webOS technology from HP and at the end, TCL purchased all the trademarks of Palm devices.

Palm smartphone features includes:

  • Snapdragon 435 processor
  • 32GB internal storage
  • RAM size of 3GB
  • Wi-Fi facility with 2.4GHz
  • Quad-band LTE support

Internal storage and RAM size might vary from region to region if at all it rolls out in other countries of the world. The handset having model number PVG100 powered by Palm Venture Group has already received a certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It has also cleared the assessment of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programme.

Verizon has provided two color options for the smartphone. One will be titanium and the other one gold. Unfortunately, the headphone jack goes missing from the device. The company refused to talk about the release date and cost of Pepito. This will be a perfect one for the people who are tired of carrying those heavy, 5 plus inches mobile phones in their hands or pockets.

As of now, there’s nothing more to discuss on this topic. Audiences are all the more excited to see this sort of smartphone and 2018 will bring more similar devices to the market.