Pete Davidson Revealed How He is Feeling After Getting Bullied Online By Netizens


    We all use the internet, and sometimes we love to talk about what famous people are doing with their life. However recently Pete Davidson who is a cast member of Saturday night live show revealed that he got bullied online by the netizens after he officially posted the news of splitting up with singer Ariana Grande. Pete Davidson who is a comedian has been in a relationship with his ex-fiancé, but after announcing the news of break up, he got bullied online by many netizens. Pete Davidson recently used his Instagram account to show how is feeling after the breakup and according to him, he is now getting some suicidal thoughts because of the online bullying did by the fans who are blaming him for the failure of the relationship between him and Ariana Grande.

    According to the latest post of Pete Davidson, he said that “I have now seen how many people truly care about you and how much your mental health can get affected because of cyberbullying”. Pete thinks that many people on the internet don’t care about your situation or how you feel and they randomly blame you for whatever happening. According to him due to the cyberbullying, his mental health has also weakened due to which he is now getting some suicidal thoughts which are taking him into depression. There have been many cases of cyberbullying which many health experts believes ignored by people often, but we can not ignore such kind of people needs a proper mental health check up.

    Many celebrities are now have come up for the support of Pete Davidson also Ariana Grande have urged people to stop blaming Pete for the failure of relationship especially when he is going through hard times. After this post of Pete on Instagram, many people are now supporting him and hoping for his fast recovery.