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Philip Morris International to Unveil two smokeless cigarettes devices


Philip Morris International, the manufacturer of e-cigarette Company will soon unveil two smokeless cigarette devices known as iQOS in around 40 market of the world. These products are already available in these market of the world. The company plans to make a maximum sale from these two devices this year.

Smokeless Cigarettes Devices Details:-

Along with these two versions of the device, the company is also introducing HEETS technology that can be inserted into the device before smoking.  The device has its origin in Japan. HEETS play an important role in heating the smoking device rather than burning it. iQOS is now available in 43 countries of the world and in coming few months it will be made available all over the world, the company declares.

The two devices that PMI will introduce will be an updated version of iQOS 3 and an entirely new device iQOS 3 Multi. Both the devices will be available in South Korea and Japan market in coming few weeks while all over Europe from mid-November.

The company also plans to roll out heat sticks that can be inserted into the device to attract new group of customers towards their technology.  These products are a great source of income for the company as compared to the other common cigarette smoking devices such as vaping.

These products are less risky than other products.  After burning off the e-cigarette it releases nicotine, but does not result in the chemical process that leads to the generation of toxic substances.  According to the revenue chart generated by the company, such sort of products accounts $823 million of the total third-quarter revenue of the company.

While other traditional cigarettes constitute $6.68 billion of the company’s total revenue.  iQOS 3 is more compatible than its previous model.  The current version has the facility to insert a heatsticks at one side of the device rather than inserting it at the top end.

Users need to draw the device back into the case once they finish up using it.  These changes were the result of user’s feedback the company received at one of its event, one of the officials of the PMI said.