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Pokemon Go Has Achieved The Benchmark Of 1 Billion Downloads

Pokemon Go Has Achieved The Benchmark Of 1 Billion Downloads

When it comes to gaming, there are many games that one can play, but not every company gets as successful as Niantic. Niantic released a statement which shows that Pokemon Go has crossed the limit of 1 billion downloads since it’s launched. However, the report doesn’t show the active members Pokemon go has, but it’s been anticipated that it could be around 147 million. It’s an excellent achievement for Pokemon Go creators because this game managed its popularity for a more extended period.

The growth of Pokemon go was at its peak during the first six months of the game’s launch. In the first six months, the game managed to get downloads of more than 500 million but since that the percentage of download has slowed down a lot. There were many games released in between the last two years, but none has matched what Pokemon go did. Niantic successfully used a popular theme to create the best game for smartphone users.

The gaming industry is changing a lot nowadays; people are more interested in games like Fortnite, PUBG which have managed to give billions of dollars in revenue to developers. Niantic recently revealed in a statement that they’re trying to work on a game based on Harry Potter. The game is going to be like Pokémon go where users will find discover the wizarding world and meet new friends while completing the task. The official launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hasn’t declared, but its developers are working on it. Even if this new game might not get that much popularity as compared to Pokemon Go, still Niantic might be able to fetch the right amount of demand.

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