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Police Are Warning Users Of Netflix After Seeing the Reports Of Phishing Scam


Technology has been given us so many great things, and one of them is Netflix because millions of movie lovers use this platform to watch online movies and TV shows. However, recently it’s been found that the police in the city of Solon, Ohio have received lots of reports of phishing scam from the Netflix users and now this police are requesting the Netflix users not to respond any kind of emails. Police say that the latest target of phishing scam is the millions of users of Netflix and to make awareness about this scam yesterday Ohio police department’s Facebook page shared an image of scam email. In this email, it’s been observed that the scammers were trying to target the Netflix users by persuading them to click on a link.

Many phishing scammers target those users who have lots of confidential information, and they try to steal such type of information by scamming them. Police said that they had observed lots of emails in which the scammer was saying “We’re getting some troubles with your current billing information. We’ll try again; however, you might like to update your payment details.” Some Netflix users received such kind of emails, and the scammers were urging them to click on a link. Police have warned the users of Netflix not to click any links because such type of links might install malware in your computer and hackers usually use such things to steal credit card number, account number, etc.

Police said that if you received such kind of email then try to contact the source of the email by different email to make sure everything’s alright otherwise report such type of emails. So if you’re a Netflix user then try to make sure that you don’t click on such kind of links and instantly report such emails.