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Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plans to launch a dedicated NPU


Along with the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the field of technology, smartphone and chipset manufacturers have to work consistently so that users can use their smart devices comfortably.  According to the rumours, Qualcomm is planning to integrate its System on a Chip with Snapdragon 855 platform.

The new chipset will come with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) incorporated into it. TSMC will be manufacturing the SoC on its 7nm process for using it in the automotive sector.  Till now, all the processing associated with artificial intelligence were using CPU and DSP.  Qualcomm for the first time has introduced the concept of NPU in AI of its chipsets that would considerably improve the performance.

Snapdragon 855 will arrive into the market as the Snapdragon 8150 integrated with Neural Processing Unit.  This sounds much similar to HiSilicon 970 processor of Huawei.  It worked more efficiently than the current release using Hexagon DSP for accomplishing artificial intelligence operations.

The employees of Qualcomm are consistently working on overpowering the data stream between main memory, NPU and CPU.  All the AI operations should be performed by NPU and not depend on CPU or other parts of SoC at all.

All the necessary processes such as analysis of voice queries or image information will be now done by the NPU for better performance.  Qualcomm will name the processors of different platforms differently.  It will be diverse for mobile phones, desktops, palmtops, and laptops.

The Snapdragon 1000 will be named as SCX8180, which is absolutely going to race with Intel processors for desktops.  Qualcomm decides to incorporate NPU’s in lower-end devices of Qualcomm as well.  The naming changes of the chipsets are clearly visible in the import/export databases and LinkedIn profiles of the company’s employees.

The US-based company will introduce both Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 1000 at the annual tech summit this December.  The Snapdragon 1000 will be introduced in Windows tablets and laptops while Snapdragon 855 in all the Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones.

The SoC Chip processor of Snapdragon 855 will be 12.4X12.4mm in size with an integrated 5G modem.  The chipset size of laptop processors will 20X15mm larger than that of mobiles indicating an increased number of core counts.

However, readers need to note that none of the information that we know about the Qualcomm is officially announced by the company.  It’s just a rumour and we need to wait till they make any official announcements.