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Quora Got Hacked And Many Users important Data Has Been Stolen


If you’re a type of guy who likes to surf on Q&A websites, then you must’ve been used Quora, and if you’re a regular user of this website, then there’s bad news for you. Because recently Quora has disclosed they have been a victim of data breaching due to which more than 100 millions of users data got stolen by the hackers. The Q&A website officially agreed that their sites had been hacked by a group of hackers who stole some crucial data of more than 100 million users. According to the company, they have sent an email to all of those users whose data got stolen, and they have been informed regarding this data breaching.

The company while talking regarding this issue further said that they identified this data breaching on Saturday and as of now they have sent emails to most of the users regarding this issue. According to the company, the hackers stole some crucial data like username, encrypted passwords, Interests, Demographic Information, Upvotes and Downvotes, etc. There is still an investigation going on regarding how did this data breach happen. While many users are unhappy and concerned due to this data breaching because they think hackers might use it for some immoral purposes. Quora has requested to all its users to change the passwords and other relevant information which according to the company is vital.

The cases of Data breaching has been becoming more common nowadays also it raises the many concerns regarding how much safe public days are stored by the tech companies. Even though Quora is trying their best to find out the hackers and track them down but such kind of incidents raises some serious questions. We hope such company will learn from this incident and users won’t face such kind of problems in future.