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Report Shows Apple Launching Apple TV For $9.99 Per Month


The tech giant company Apple is all set to launch its much-awaited movie streaming service called Apple TV+ in November of this year. According to some reports AppleTV+ is going to be launched for the price of $9.99 per month in November. Even though Apple has not confirmed yet, but many tech experts are speculating that this price would be final for AppleTV+. Comparatively, if Apple goes with this plan, then their service is still costly for many people because Disney is launching its movie streaming platform for $6.99 only. Meanwhile, other video platforms like Netflix and Hulu are trying to create their content, and Apple TV+ will have to compete with them too.

Reportedly Apple TV+ is going launch its platform with five shows which are currently under production. Famous director Steven Spielberg has decided to go with Apple TV+ by starting his show at this new movie streaming platform. Since Apple is going to go with only five original TV shows at the start, it’s relatively quite small. Disney+ is already producing tons of original content by considering that they will have to compete with already established tech giant Netflix and then later Apple. Apple, on the other hand, seems to be less worried about its competitors and moving slowly.

Netflix is spending billions of dollars on creating original content, and so is Disney+ but Apple is not following that formula. Another report shows that Apple might be launching bundle of its upcoming services with Apple TV+. Tech giant might be launching Apple Music, iCloud Storage, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade along with Apple TV+. So people should wait and see what Apple has in their bag for its customers. Because experts believe Apple’s entry into the movie streaming business is going to change lots of things.