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Report Shows Appstore Revenue Getting Increased


App Store is that platform which is used by developers and ultimately users for getting apps and games of their choices. Apple has managed the app store under a proper regulation which provided both customers and developers a good platform. Since iPhones sales are getting slowed down from the last few months, Apple is now focusing more on the service sector. A recent report from Morgan Stanely shows that App store might see an increase in its revenue.

Data report from app analytics platform Sensor Tower shows app store revenue witnessed the most significant increase in its revenue from last one year. Data indicates the year-year to growth increased to 28 percent from 18.9 percent last year. One of the exciting findings of this report was that the entertainment category was the biggest driver of the revenue for the App Store. It managed to fetch 28 percent of revenue as compared to only 8.3 percent in July. The entertainment apps are getting an excellent response to the app store from the users and hence fetching more revenue to developers and the company. Recently many app developers tried to shift their apps from the App store because of the high percentage of commission they have to pay top Apple.

Apple is getting upto 15-30 percent cut from the revenues made by app developers. However, some of them think Apple doesn’t deserve that much amount of commission and hence, they removed their apps from the App store. Recently Netflix removed its app from the app store because of the high cut of revenues they have to pay to Apple. Morgan Stanely further mentioned that the App store might beat the expected earning for September. Apple is trying to shift its focus on new products. App store plays a significant role in nullifying the losses the company made from short selling of iPhones.

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