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Researchers had launched a new wireless system that can track tumor and help to distribute drug


A team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a wireless system known as “ReMix” that tracks ingestible implants located inside the animals.  The system also helps in distributing drugs using the low power wireless signals.

In future, doctors can incorporate sensors within the device to detect tumours in patients before it grows up to the last stage, said the lead researcher of the study, Professor Dina Katabi.  It could function more like a GPS system that we normally use to track location on map.  The device gives a centimetre level accuracy.

One of the authors heading the study said, “We want to design a model that sounds technically feasible alongside works faultlessly to represent human body.” “If we need to use this device to detect cancer patients in future, we need to design it in the way that it works without displaying any error”, he further added.

This can be a cheaper solution than proton therapy centres.  Proton therapy centres nowadays are so costly that hardly anyone can afford it.  Hardware installation makes it so costlier, he added.  Scientists conducted a small experiment to test ReMix by injecting a small market in animal tissue.

They made use of wireless device that imitated radio signals to track the inserted device in the body.  The device reflected by the signals outside the body without use of any external source of energy or a battery.  They have designed a special device to mark the exact location in the human body.

One of the disadvantages of the wireless device is its continuous localisation.  Romit Roy Choudhary, Professor at Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Illinois said, ‘ReMix makes a jump in this way by showing that the wireless component of implantable devices may no longer be the blockage.’  However, Professor Choudhary was not involved in the study.

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