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Samsung divulges first ever LPDDR5 DRAM chip – the biggest change in the smartphone industry

Samsung divulges first ever LPDDR5 DRAM chip – the biggest change in the smartphone industry

According to latest news leaked from the Samsung company, the first ever LPDDR5 DRAM chip will soon hit the mobile market. This is going to be a remarkable origination in the history of the mobile industry and Samsung will play a debut role.

The prototype chip size will be 8GB, which runs at 6.4 Gbps, around 1.5 times faster than the traditional LPDDR4X DRAM chip that means it can move 51 GB of data within a second. It will be available for all the smartphones right from the Samsung to an iPhone. The biggest improvement in this innovation is to reduce the knob of heavy power consumption and quicker memory access.

It will be capable of running several machine learning applications in all the 5G smartphones. Samsung has always proved how proficient it is to remain at the top when it comes to any software upgrades or mobile processors. Acquainting new SSDs was a chief inclination for Samsung.

Samsung has done what JEDEC standards group hasn’t tried yet. The group typically works to improve the specifications of semiconductor memory circuits. Future iPhones will be faster and memory efficient that would, in turn, improve the overall performance along with extended battery life.

Samsung says it will be in the market very soon but hasn’t revealed the exact time. As of now, it is concentrating more on it’s mass production. Currently, Apple hires DRAM chips from different suppliers including SK Hynix, Samsung, and Micron.

Additionally, Samsung introduces new day sleep mode, which is currently available in LPDDR4X chip processor only. This feature lowers down the level of battery consumption when your smartphone is in idle stage and requires more battery to remain alive.

According to the test report generated by the company, LPDDR5’s battery consumption will be 30 percent less than LPDDR4X. This system empowers battery usage for a longer period of time. It’s more beneficial when your battery is about to die and you need to maintain it for longer hours.

When it comes to the performance there will be a 50 percent increase in the bandwidth. The biggest change will be the number of memory banks per channel increased from 8 banks on LPDDR4X to 16 banks on LPDDR5.

These processors will be made available for both iOS and Android paving a way towards more memory-efficient and faster file transferring smartphone technology.