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Samsung Is Set to Come Up With the Launch of a Foldable Phone in 2019

Samsung Is Set to Come Up With the Launch of a Foldable Phone in 2019

Samsung is currently working on a smartphone that can be folded, which might get introduced in the early part of next year, as per reports of The Wall Street Journal. One of the features of this smartphone would be the 7-inch display that can bend itself in half to be transformed into the shape of a wallet. The outer half of the device would continue to have some kind of display. Now, due to the phones’ dual displays, the organization has to build in a battery that is large, which also happens to be a cause for concern as the previous model of Galaxy Note 7 had some issues with its battery, where it used to explode. The price of the phone could well be more than $1500 and would initially be targeted for marketing towards users of niche segment, just like gamers.

The concept of having a folded phone is not something new for a company like Samsung. The reports have been coming through for a number of years. Last year in the month of October, certain images were published of a Samsung patent that had shown off design for a phone which could bend.

Samsung has even said that work had gone on to this device for a number of times. Kim Tong, the principal engineer of Samsung Display had said in April 2017 that the company’s focus was on the bezel-free displays on an initial basis and then they would go on to the displays which could bend. The organization now has made an introduction of multiple phones having minimum bezels, though not totally free of a bezel and hence it looks as if the team has their focus on building something new. The time, at which Samsung has said that they would in all probability release their bendable phone in 2019, this once again seems to go along with what The Wall Street Journal had reported.

The upcoming phone may not turn out to be an ideal one for carrying out multiple tasks at a time but still, the phone would have a cool and a unique look.