Home Tech News Samsung launches two bezel-less smartphones at an event in China

Samsung launches two bezel-less smartphones at an event in China


Samsung shows off two more Galaxy A-series teasers of 2018 – Samsung Galaxy A6s and Galaxy A9s.  The smartphone announced these two models at an event held in China.  Samsung has carried an exceptional feature in these devices.  After bringing triple and quad cameras capability for its users, Samsung is working on Galaxy A6s and Galaxy A9s that will come with completely bezel-less display without even a single notch on the screen.

The same feature will be carried forward in its upcoming announcements for Galaxy A8s, Samsung says.  Moreover, it will be the first-ever smartphone to display ultra-thin bezel around its screen.  In Galaxy A6s and Galaxy A9s, they will be piercing a small hole at the front side of the phone that fits in a small selfie camera.  It’s still a mystery whether the camera will be located on upper right end, left end, or middle of the display screen.

It’s even not clear if Samsung will make a cut out for the camera or incorporate it under the display itself.  If the company chooses to go with cut out on the camera module, then they would provide the ability to turn it off during video playback by toggling on the display pixels on the cutout area.

However, looking at the images leaked by the company at the China’s event, it does not seem to have any cutout on the display screen.  In this case, Samsung might think to go with under the display camera method.  Adding a slide out camera similar to Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X can also be considered as an alternate option, the company says.

The company has not revealed any specifics about its hardware and software specifications.  This type of bezel-less camera setup will allow users to take full advantage of the entire screen.  But, still, chances of Samsung to launch such type of device is less.  This can form a new trend of smartphones.