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Samsung will soon roll out its first ever four rear cameras smartphone, the recent report claims


Four Rear Cameras Smartphone: According to the new report engendered by the company, Apple, the South Korean tech giant will be releasing its first ever four rear camera smartphone most probably at the end of 2018.  Ice Universe, a steadfast information source of Samsung tweeted, “Samsung camera camera camera camera.”

Four Rear Cameras Smartphone:

This new foldable Samsung smartphone will not be called as Galaxy F or Galaxy S10.  But, they also did not disclose its name.  The company has already started to work on this project.  All the four cameras will be positioned at the rear end of the camera.  Ice Universe did not reveal much about its other functionalities but just gave an idea about its camera setup.

It is still not confirmed if the upcoming phone will be part of an existing series or will an unveiling device of an entirely new series.  Until now we are familiar with triplet camera sensors at the back.  We have several examples such as Huwaei P20, the first company to reveal three rear cameras setup followed by Oppo R17 with three cameras at the back.

This is just a rumor and nothing is confirmed yet.  Hence, it is prudent to think twice before commenting on the company’s new releases as they have still not announced the launch of such devices nor if they are lined up.  Rumors say, the phone may come with two cameras at the back and two at the front end or one camera at the front end and three at the rear end.  Possibilities of the latter are high.

DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile division head said, “Company will primarily focus on discerning high-end devices and the mid-end phones.” “From years, first I opted for the new technology, differentiated to the flagship model and later moved on to the mid-end. But, here onwards it will be focusing more to bring technology and discern it at starting of mid-end only”, he further added.

Additionally, Samsung plans to launch a new smartphone in Galaxy A-series within few months.  It will launch this smartphone to invade its competitor’s device such as Nova 3 and OnePlus 6.