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Scientists Discover A Powerful Antibiotic To Fight Against Superbugs


Scientists have found out a new antibiotic drug, which can eradicate the toughest superbugs that have turned resistant to all other well-known drugs. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have discovered a molecule, which has the potential to counter some of the world’s dreadful pathogens. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have run around 6000 molecules through their artificial intelligence program. They have been trying to find out one molecule, which can kill E. coli. During the trial, AI has succeeded to find out a molecule that is very efficient against the bacteria. It is quite different from other 1700 FDA approved drugs.

While testing the compound in the lab, scientists have found the efficacy of the compound is very promising. The drug has been able to kill most types of bugs including those, which have been proven to be defiant to other antibiotics. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that drug-resistant bugs are a leading threat to human survival. Health experts worldwide as well have shown great faith in this new drug. As per the reports, nearly 2.8 million people are diagnosed with drug-resistant infections each year in the US. Around 35000 people lose their life due to such conditions. Scientists have tested the new antibiotic dubbed halicin on mice. It has treated gastrointestinal bug Clostridium difficile (C. Diff.). The new drug has killed those drug resilient bacteria too, which cause infection in the urinary tract, blood, and lungs.

After the remarkable success of halicin, experts are planning to test eight other molecules that have been identified by AI. Penicillin can be considered as the beginning of medical advancement. It was able to save more than 200 million lives since its inception in 1928. However, over a period of time, prescribing antibiotics has become a go-to treatment for many symptoms. With over-prescribing, it has become a worse practice with time. The mutated strains, which are stronger than the antibiotic, allow the bacteria to turn resilient to the drug. When an infection is fully resilient to the antibiotics, the patient will certainly die of the disease. However, this discovery seems to be new hope for the fight again.