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Skype rolls out audio and video call recording feature for Android and several other platforms

Skype rolls out audio and video call recording feature for Android and several other platforms

Though Skype took a long time to roll out call recording feature, it has finally offered this service. This was an ever-desired feature by the users and ultimately it’s out to serve you all.

The feature will be based on cloud services entirely that will allow you to record your calls from different platforms such as Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and Window operating system. Similar sort of characteristic was already available for Discord and Google Hangouts.

It will be a platform and location independent. That means you can access Skype and record your calls from any part of the world unless you have a swift internet connection. It will work for all individual and group video and audio calls. Alongside, it combines all the screens shared in a call.

Microsoft’s Skype team says, “Recording calls in Skype is completely based on cloud services. The moment you start recording a call, every user from the group conference will get a notification regarding call recording.” Notifying users about the call recording have solved privacy concerns and issues of the callers.

Till now, if users had to record a call they need to go for other alternatives. For doing so, they had to install a third-party application. But, now they can save their time by recording it directly from the Skype. With this feature introduction, Skype again stands in the competition to give a better online calling platform of the users.

The feature is already rolled out in the market as a part of Skype 8.0 software update. The design is quite unique featuring mobile-like desktop setup and provisions Twitter-esque mentions along with full end-to-end encryption.

It exhibits 1080p video calling support and a video call assisting around 24 people to make a conference call at a time. It has also introduced a chat media gallery where you can see all the videos and photos shared while making a conference or an individual video call.

When clearly observed, it’s actually too late for Microsoft to roll out this update as there are several other audio and video calling and recording apps that have already been introduced in the market. In the past two years, Microsoft paid more attention to improving its VoIP services. Skype insider completely vanished from every device. So now let’s wait and watch if it can make its path again into the market.

You can download the latest update of Skype directly from the Play Store.