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Skype v8.29 trenches Snapchat-like highlights and streamline its user interface

Skype rolls out audio and video call recording feature for Android and several other platforms

Skype is one of the widely used video and audio calling platform.  It has all-time trenched away various other services including Discord, WhatsApp, and hangouts etc.  Hence, the tech giant, Microsoft is planning to abridge the desktops and smartphone user’s experience by simplifying the user interface.

Moreover, it decides to ditch Snapchat like highlights making the user interface easier and faster access than before.  Calling became harder due to highlights feature and was not much useful.  Hence, now comes the time to ditch it and make Skype simpler and user-friendly.  The bottom slot is shifted towards the upper left corner that consists four entries in all – calls, notifications, contacts, and chats.  Skype team posted a blog saying, “As the Skype functionality improves its complexity increases simultaneously.

The correlation between simple products and complex functionality is a rare combination and very challenging to design.  In the last update when we improved some of the functionalities, we got feedback from the users that we have made the things more complicated for them.”

Microsoft says it has altered the intensity of light and dark gradients and has introduced a Classic blue theme that can be adjusted for readability and contrast.  Furthermore, the embellished designed are aloof from the website thus concentrating more on the content written.  Users today are more comfortable with the desktop-oriented application than what mobile offers.

These are just initial changes made by the Microsoft.  Peter Skillman says, “We will still come up with different technologies and changes in the UI of Skype making user’s life more secure and comfortable. This will, in turn, improve overall user experience while chatting, audio or video calling your friends.  We have a number of other trending technologies to bring out for you.  We just need some more time to test them before release.”

“We have considered user’s feedback and trying to improve Skype based on what you expect from us”, he added.  Skype had made a number of changes the moment from it moved from peer-to-peer to server-based service.  That was really a tough period for people that left all the notifications wrecked, deprived consistency, and a very exasperating user experience.

It now has to make something that could defeat its competitors including WeChat, Telegram, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line.  It’s difficult for Microsoft to make its promoted position in the market in presence of these steadfast calling and chatting services.