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Some apps though seems to be enchanting could prove to be dangerous for your kids


Your kids keep on downloading the apps that look adorable, funny, and interesting to use.  When parents open the same app they feel that there’s nothing wrong their kids are doing, but when they will dig and tap the app deeper they will find something strange and unobvious things happening in the app.

Small children might end up an opening malicious link that could be dangerous for their smartphones, desktops, or laptops.  There are ample of such sites that have the power to damage your website or PC. There are certain apps including Tik Tok, Twitch app, Fortnite, LinePlay app, Spotfriend app and many more, which works interesting but can lead to crisis.

For example: In tik tok app, users can create lip-synching videos with a background music.  They can also follow, unfollow, chat, and message their friends. Positively, like Instagram privacy is maintained in this app where users can make their account private.  Moreover, you can have full control over on who can send you the messages and comment on the videos posted.

Intelligent kids can toggle off all the safety features whenever they feel their parents are keeping watch on them.  However, parents can still notice what their kids are doing by the comments under their posts and inbox.

Tik Tok also contains a feature called as ‘Digital Wellbeing’ where users can set a password and turn on the screen time controlling mode and restricted mode.  By doing this, users automatically get restricted from using the app for two hours a day. This feature will enable users to stay away from the app for some period of time during the day.

On the other hand, Tik Tok has the option to link your account with YouTube.  It can sometimes take you away to some malicious or unmonitored links that can be harmful to your device.