Home Tech News Sony Announces DPT-CP1, Its Latest Electronic Notepad

Sony Announces DPT-CP1, Its Latest Electronic Notepad

Sony Announces DPT-CP1, Its Latest Electronic Notepad

Sony does not want you to spend money on printed paper that is reusable and difficult to carry. The company has launched its latest Digital Paper System — namely DPT-CP1. It’s actually an electronic notepad that users can write/draw/annotate content on, as if they are using normal paper. Priced at a competitive rate of $600, Sony DPT-CP1 is supposed to be an alternative to all your notebooks. It’s using e-Ink technology, which has become popular through Amazon Kindle and other eBook Readers. Unlike Kindle, DPT-CP1 lets you not only read what is already digital, but also create pages in your digital notebook.

Basically a tablet, Sony DPT-CP1 comes with a screen size of 10.3 inches. Thanks to its minimal weight of 8.5 ounces, users won’t have to worry about carrying this device around. Unlike the notebooks with hundreds or thousands of pages, DPT-CP1 would fit perfectly in your backpack or even a hand-bag. The company offers an incredible battery life of three weeks, even when using the viewing and editing features. Moreover, Sony has packed a stylus with this package, as to bring about the feel of using an actual pen on paper. Whether it will be able to bring the real feel of writing is another question.

Sony has kept a lot of features under hood, which helps you in a lot of tasks. For instance, you can easily get all your documents transferred from your iPhone or Android phone, using the official app. Inside the screen, you can get the benefits of automated smart filling and access other features for annotation. Sony DPT-CP1 is not the only electronic notebook that is available in the current market, but most of the competitors are heavily priced. Despite the lower price, it is not clear whether Sony will be able to attract more people into a dedicated notebook device when smartphones and tablets are bringing all these features inside.