Study Shows Calorie Restrictions Helps Slim People Also

    Study Shows Calorie Restrictions Helps Slim People Also

    When it comes to diet, one thing which everyone focuses on is consuming those foods which have less amount of calories. Most of the times, obese or fat people tend to incline towards diet because it helps them to stay healthy and fit. But, now a recent health study shows that even slim people can also get benefits from the calorie reductions. The study lasted for two years in which researchers studied more than 218 participants who were not obese aged in between 21-50.

    Health experts said that consuming high calories food is not suitable for health. Because it somehow increases the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure. Everyone should follow a proper diet which forces someone to consume less of unhealthy food. The participants in this health study had a body mass index of 22 to 29.9. Researchers devised these participants into two groups, the first group of people consumed more than 25% of fewer calories, and the other group did not change their diet. Participants had different choices of consuming meals, and some of them even ate three meals per day.

    Not everyone managed to follow the required diet, but those participants who developed it for more than six months reduced the weight by 10KG. After analyzing them, it’s been found that majority of the weight loss was fat mass. Those people who were skinny became fitter since they managed to lose the extra fat which they had in their body. Researchers said calorie restrictions does help in reducing the various health risks which somehow shows the benefit of following a diet. There is no clear evidence on how these calorie reductions helped participants in reducing health risks. But, one thing is sure, and that’s eating calorie-free foods is a lot helpful.