Survey Shows US Teens Are Saying No To The Bad Habits Except Vaping


    In the USA the only thing which concerns the ordinary citizen of this nation is the health of a young generation. Because from the last few years it’s been found that the youth of the USA is getting addicted to bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc. But according to a recent case study done by the University of Michigan in which it’s been found that many US teens don’t like to drink the alcohol or smoke cigarettes, but they do like vaping. Many teens have been seen to dislike drinking alcohol or to smoke cigarettes but vaping has been their favorite among such bad habits, and the percentage of vaping is increasing every year among high school students.

    The percentage of students who vaped nicotine products have significantly increased from 11 percent to the 21 percent from last few years, and that’s a concerning thing. Because many teens believe that vaping is not that harmful to their health a compared to the smoking cigarettes. Many teens have been found to love this new way smoking nicotine also there’s a high demand of such type of products among the US teens which is severely impacting on many high school student’s health. Some recent surveys done by the CDC (center for disease control and prevention) had already estimated that the percentage of teens of US who vaped nicotine products is increasing every year.

    However, this case study also shows some good signs also because many teens have found to don’t like the culture of extreme drinking or smoking cigarettes. But, leaving such kind of bad habits and getting addicted to new ones like vaping is not a way to live a healthy life and that’s what happens in the USA. Many health organization is trying their best to spread to promote anti-vaping culture and soon the US government will have to take such kind of issues seriously.