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Take a Glimpse at new Google Pixel 3 XL Specifications

Source: FirstPost

Google Pixel 3 XL Specifications: The search engine and the ruler of the technology industry, Google recently leaked images and amazing features of Google 3 XL smartphone.  They are certainly breath-taking.  The leaks talk more about its specifications, live images, and camera quality.

The live images of the smartphones give us an idea about the external view of the phone.  There seems a presence of notch at the top end of the phone.  The images display the back and front end of the images as well.  These images express the phone from its every angle.  The features at the front end feature a front camera, an infrared sensor helpful for face recognition, and an earpiece among the two stereo speakers of the phone.

When you turn the phone upside down, you could see a back camera along with the LED flashlight and a fingerprint sensor technology for the purpose of security.  These live images of the Pixel smartphones were leaked from two sources – Rozetked and Wylsacom.

Google Pixel 3 XL Specifications

Pixel 3 XL sports another trending specifications including Active Edge Functionality allowing users to activate Google Assistant functionality, 3,430mAh battery life, 6.71-inch screen along with a screen resolution of 1440X2960px.

Among the leaked images we could see a pair of headphones, which strongly look like Pixel Buds.  Coming to the connectivity of the device, it contains several ports enabling users to attach USB, data cables and many more to it.  It contains USB-A to USB-C adapter, USB Type-C port as well as a wall charger, USB-C port with 3.5mm adapter.  It has the wireless charging capability.  The tech giant has used HDR+ algorithms while designing remarkable capabilities in this smartphone.

Pixel 3 XL comes in two astounding colour variants –one in white and the other one in black.  Google will make an announcement of its arrival in October and will disclose other details including pricing very soon.