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Take a look at emojis arriving next year on your smartphones


Getting bored with the older emojis? Here’s good news for you. Unicode Consortium will be introducing new ways for people to express their feelings.  In total there are 179 emojis shortlisted in the update, but if you cancel out the similar ones with different colors the count comes down to 61.  It makes a new way for people who are physically handicapped like deafness so that they can immaculately show off their feelings.

Unicode Consortium is responsible for introducing new emojis on all the platforms.  Announcing new emojis is a lengthy process.  Hence, it took long for Unicode to roll out those in the market.  It made an official announcement to get it into your device the upcoming year.  The whole count will be a part of Emoji 12.0 update and most of them will be among your favorite one.

Emojis those were announced in 2017 have arrived at the Apple devices this year. Hence, you can imagine how slow the process will be.  Some of the additions Unicode may make in the list include folks with red color hair, curly hair emoji, bald people, men and women with white hair, some exotic new animals such as kangaroo or swan, carb dishes, various sports equipment, birthday celebration emojis.

Other emojis include yawning face, razor, axe, service dog, ringed planet, deaf person, parachute, kneeling person, standing person, diya lamp, Blue Square, mechanical arm, diving mask, skunk, mechanical leg, brown heart, pinching hand, safety vest, sari, one-piece swimming suit, briefs, shorts, ear with hearing aid, Hindu temple, ballet shoes, otter, sloth, oyster, garlic, orang-utan, onion, falafel, butter, mate and beverage box.

The list does not end here. Further, the emojis include Kite, Banjo, Ice Cube, auto rickshaw, blood drop, waffle, probing crane, adhesive bandage, Yo-Yo, chair, a bagel, lacrosse stick, green circle, orange circle, stethoscope, brown circle, motorized wheelchair, red square, purple circle, yellow circle, yellow square, green square, purple square, brown square, flamingo, guide dog, manual wheelchair, white heart, and orange square.

The list given above is still not approved.  But, Jeremy Burge, an Emojipedia says, “Unicode will announce the final list in January 2018.  Hence, it may vary from that point in time.  Till January 2018, the company might add, delete or change the current list.  Hence, the finalized list will be announced during the first quarter of the year and they might hit your devices in the second half of the year.”