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Tech Giant Microsoft Has Decided To Sue Foxconn Over Patent


When it comes to businesses there will be some times when a company will face lawsuits from its rival companies. A recent report shows that Microsoft has decided to sue the manufacturing giant company Foxconn for not paying them royalties on a patent. Accordingly, Microsoft filed a lawsuit in San Jose, California in which it said that Foxconn has failed to lay them royalties over patents and also did not give prescribed paperwork for the same. There are have been many similar lawsuits happened earlier also because one will remember a famous trial between Apple and Samsung in which former company accused Samsung of copying their designs. Foxconn had gone through lots of controversies from last few months because recently it came into lamplight when some of its employees committed suicide because of the burden of overwork. Now, this lawsuit filed by Microsoft will also drag it into more media coverage since not paying a patent royalty to one of the largest tech company is a sign of bad management.

Microsoft spokesperson said that company takes matters relating to patents very much seriously and that’s why it has decided to a filed lawsuit against Foxconn. As per the agreement signed between both companies Foxconn had to pay a royalty to Microsoft plus submit necessary documents which it failed to do so due to which executives of Microsoft have decided to go in court. Foxconn is unarguably one of the largest electronic manufacturing companies in the world. However, from last few days, it’s going through a dangerous phase. A few days ago Foxconn decided to abandoned its manufacturing plant at Wisconsin due to which many analysts criticized it. Microsoft’s spokesperson while talking on this issue said that company wants to solve their disagreement with Foxconn. So far we haven’t received any official reply from Foxconn yet.