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Tencent Designed Smart Glasses Similar to Snap Spectacles


The first attempt of Snap to generate smart glasses failed due to some technical issues.  The main fault of the original version was a failure in converting hypes into sales. Snap abided a loss of $40 million loss.  Later, the company released its next version of ‘face camera’ spectacles with even more specifications and features. Another tech giant, Tencent is planning to design something similar to Snap spectacles.

Tencent Designed Smart Glasses:

The Chinese internet giant will soon release a video-recording sunglasses similar to Snap’s smart spectacles.  It named them as Weishi smart glasses. These smart glasses have a camera at the front end that looks similar to a spectacle.  Users can record videos through this camera.

It excludes the dreadful yellow ring while adds a subtle cat eye to have a glamorous look. After viewing its first look, it seems that the gaming giant has not committed the same mistake that Snap had done in its first generation Spectacles.

Tencent has already released some messaging apps such as WeChat. Weishi in Chinese actually means short videos. It planned to release this device to shoot short videos thus competing for the other video recording apps such as Kuaishou and TikTok.

Weishi’s another rivalry Kuaishou, which is also supported by Tencent have built up smart glasses back capable of shooting videos in July. Alongside, Tencent has also launched GoPro-like action camera called as Time, which will be linked with Weishi app.

Tell camera will let users know if another gadget will get more people to post videos on Weishi. The company has not revealed anything about its official release date. It has rolled out a similar app on Apple Play Store that pairs in the smart glasses via Bluetooth.

Here are some of Tencent Designed Smart Glass’s specifications:

  • Front camera of the 8-megapixel size
  • Video quality with 720p or 1080p high definition resolution
  • Performs different functionalities such as live broadcasts, remote shooting, and previews and uploads in different modes.

Weishi’s other similar glasses are manufactured by a Shenzhen company Tonot and the app is known as Tencent x Tonot. Tencent shares around 17 per cent of Snap’s entire revenue.  While it’s WeChat app has multiple investments including payments and messaging.

These glasses will be available for trials on November 11th, 2018, which signifies the largest shopping event in China. Mi Zou, currently working on AI selfie app in Beijing says, “Tencent currently have to improve its marketing strategies.  Apple Watch sets an example to improve the overall sale of the company.”