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The Apple watch receives the credit of saving one’s life, in New York

The Apple watch receives the credit of saving one’s life, in New York
The Apple watch monitors individuals' health issues, and alerts in case something is wrong and requires a medical emergency.

A 32-year-old William Monzidelis was working at bowlerland a family business bowling alley suddenly started feeling dizzy and bleeding all over his body. Luckily, he was wearing the Apple watch which indicated him about the medical emergency required. Without wasting a single minute, he rushed to the hospital, on his way he started having seizures and lost too much of blood almost 80 percent by the time he reached the hospital, as reported by the NBC New York.

After providing required medication it was known that Monzidelis suffered from an erupted ulcer and need to undergo surgery that would require a blood transfusion, the same was provided, doctors succeeded in the surgery as well saved the patient life. Doctors informed him if he had not received notification from the Apple watch, chances of surviving were zero percent, as shared by Monzidelis at an interview with NBC New York.

Though classification of the Apple watches is not committed to being a medical device, but still, it holds certain features that aim at taking care of a person’s health by monitoring. It identifies the person’s health issues, and soon sends a notification to undergo medical treatment.

Further, one more case related to the Apple watch, the ABC News reported was it saved 18 years old woman, her heartbeat all of a sudden went up to 160 beats per minute, the Apple watch identified the same, indicating a medical emergency. She was taken to the hospital in an emergency room, where she was informed about the kidney failure, as per the report, well, the same applies here if she had not used the Apple watch then for sure she would have died.

Such stories inspire to dream big, making the devices stronger and go more ahead, as responded by Tim Cook the Apple CEO on the ABC News article.