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The first Holographic Android Phone Coming to Verizon this year

The first Holographic Android Phone Coming to Verizon this year

If you planning to purchase Android phone this year, then you definitely have an immense list of decent phones to select. The Huawei P20 Pro, OnePlus 6 and Galaxy S9 are already in the market or are supposed to come soon, and interestingly they represent the best of what the Android OS has to provide right now. It’s already in the news that the most anticipated smartphones – Note 9 and Pixel 3 are coming by the second half of the current year.

Most of the upcoming Android phones are the rehashes of the previous year’s top Samsung smartphones or Apple’s much anticipated iPhone X clones. Now it’s time to see, feel and watch something different that we have never seen before. And yeah, it ultimately has the backing of the main carrier.

America’s one of the popular telecommunications company called Verizon announced about the most mysterious upcoming phone. It was Thursday when the company talked about the first holographic phone of the globe, the RED Hydrogen One. This latest smartphone will be available in the market but to the subscribers only by the end of the present year. However, there isn’t any specific data for the launch of the phone but it seems that it will enter the market very soon.

The company is basically known for its camera business. And the Hydrogen phone appeared like a vaporware when it was introduced in the last August. It’s because the smartphone is going to be the globe’s first holographic smartphone, a device that would provide people 3D-like experiences with no glasses.

It’s something which is not available not yet on any other handset right now, whether they operate iOS or Android operating system. The Tech-giant Apple has patents specifying holographic screens. But it’s RED which is actually making and launching one.

The Hydrogen One will have 5.7-inch device screen featuring high-end specs with great design, also some sorts of Moto Z-like modularity. You will be empowered to add modules to your smartphone to enhance some features similar a trick mentioned in Verizon’s introduction as well.

RED is also releasing its 4-view Hydrogen content network in addition to the phone. As per some reports, RED founder Jim Jannard told that the designing such a smartphone is actually tricky since no one really knows how to do 4-view displays.