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The Increasing Popularity Of Netflix Is Not Hurting Theatre Businesses


Creating a monopoly in a particular tech business sounds easy, but it’s tough also there are very few companies which are currently dominating tech industry and Netflix is one of them. Because from last few years Netflix has been crushing its competitors in online movie streaming business and many experts believe that Netflix is causing lots of troubles for the theatre owners. However, according to a recent survey done National Association of Theatre Owners, it’s been found that there’s no bad influence of the Netflix on the theatre’s businesses. This survey showed that the local market of the theatres’ owners is not getting affected because of the increasing popularity of Netflix among cinema lovers across the country.

Netflix has more than 137 million subscribers worldwide also the presence of the company’s business is globally increasing. According to the experts, in order to improve global expansion of the company’s business Netflix has started to make their own content. From last few years, Netflix has invested a considerable amount of monies to create their own TV shows and movies. A few days ago Netflix said that the company is trying to go to release their upcoming Original films in the cinema theatres to increase more revenue of the company. Currently, Netflix is the world’s tenth largest internet company by revenue and since the company is expanding their production of films the user base is also growing.

However, this study done by the National Association of Theatres shows that even after such an increasing influence on the online streaming movie business Netflix still hasn’t affected the theatre owners business. Also if the Netflix is trying to enter into the offline movie business, it’s not going to be easy for the big tech company to win this market since there are already many well-established theatres which dominates this industry.