Home Tech News The messaging giant, WhatsApp will soon leak out two trending features

The messaging giant, WhatsApp will soon leak out two trending features

The messaging giant, WhatsApp will soon leak out two trending features

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned platform has offered a number of gravitating features in past few months. Still, there are many more to come. Recently, the messaging giant WhatsApp made an announcement about the testing of two new features.

Of the two, “Mark as Read” feature was already announced by the company a few days back. The other one would be the Mute function. The word itself describes the working of this feature. The Mark as Read feature will allow users to mark the received messages from the same chat as read from the notification bar itself. Users do not need to waste their time on opening the app or chat window and read the message.

On the other side, the “Mute” feature will let users mute a particular chat directly from the notification bar. Currently, the notification bar displays the reply button only. Mark as Read and mute functionalities will be added soon in the notification shortcut.

WhatsApp will be rolling out this feature in its Android beta version 2.18.214.  It’s still unclear when these features will hit the market as they are still in the development stage. Hence, beta testers are also not allowed to access these features. The update may roll out in next software release.

 After development, the features will first be available for the beta testers and then for the public. Once they hit your smartphone, the notification panel will acquire a new look. To attain disapproval of the fake news, WhatsApp recently exposed ‘Forwarded’ label feature.

WhatsApp’s this move was necessary to restraint spread of fake news. The forward label allows users to check if the incoming message is originally typed by the sender or is directly been forwarded as it is. This label not only works for text messages but for videos and images as well.

The platform is also testing another feature named “Suspicious Link Detection” that will alert users from visiting fake or malicious link by prompting a red label. Users will get a notification if any of such links are arriving at their chat window. Stay tweaked to get the notification of new feature release.