The Model 3 Reservation Floodgates Get Opened By Tesla

    The Model 3 Reservation Floodgates Get Opened By Tesla

    The Multinational Corporation of America, Tesla has opened up the Model 3 floodgates for all those, who were in the waitlist, thereby sending an invitation to all the reservation holders in the U.S. and Canada, so that they can order the electric sedan, which is crucial and forms an integral part of Tesla’s survival.

    As per the reports on Thursday, the existing reservation holders in Canada and in the United States can log in to the website of Tesla and get through with their order in the online studio of the company. Reservation holders are gradually getting the emails related to it.

    The Company will not disclose exactly how many people in Canada and in the U.S. have made the deposit of $1000 for the Model 3, which is refundable in nature. At the end of the first quarter, there were in excess of 450000 people, who had reservations on a global basis. The number of customers both in the U.S. as well as in Canada, who are on the waitlist, would be close to tens of thousands.

    For Tesla, they are a crucial juncture. The company has not been able to meet up with any of the targets related to production and delivery for the Model 3, since their splashy event in the month of July 2017, when Elon Musk, the CEO had handed out their first lot of vehicles to their employees. In the meantime, the organization is pouring in cash as it continues to struggle, to solve issues related to production for the car, which is thought of as a platform that would take Tesla from being a maker of the niche category of luxury electric cars to being a mass manufacturer. This is a vital aspect of Elon Musk’s broad master plan which would provide and also sell a range of ecosystem products with respect to sustainable energy including solar panels and energy storage.

    All eyes are on Elon Musk as he seeks to meet a goal of producing 5000 Model 3 sedans per week by the end of June.