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Things 3 gets an important update for iPad with lots of great features and shortcuts

Things 3 gets an important update for iPad with lots of great features and shortcuts

Things 3 for iPad Gets major Update with Support for External Keyboards, Shortcuts, and more cultured code recently launched a remarkable update for iPad. With full support for outward keyboards, great shortcuts, travel navigation, and much more new features released.

As we already aware of well-known, brand iPad, having a concept of “like a computer” and “unlike any computer”. As promised as company maintaining the standards with class, this update is to make Things 3 easy for the iPad actually desktop-class with full provision for external keyboards and shortcuts of the keyboard to do the Things 3 experience when connected to a keyboard as comfortable as the touch-only experience. For every update of iPad has one vital goal: making iPad app truly desktop-class.

To achieve this, the company hardly trying to improve features for external keyboards — and by that, we don’t just mean adding a few more shortcuts. In fact, adding more user-friendly shortcuts was only possible, because of one of the main key features of this cultured code 3.6 releases, the facility to select items from the keyboard. Before you can start using a keyboard shortcut, you need enough knowledge of persistent selection in the list that you can target.

To know what we mean, open the app and tap the down arrow; you’ll see the first to-do selected. One of the noteworthy points about the way it works on iPad is how keyboard and touch controls work together flawlessly. You can start selecting to-dos with your keyboard, then tap a few with your finger to add some more, and so on — it just gives the feel amazing.

Things 3 supports a selection, such as inserting a to-do, opening a to-do, duplicating or copying items, moving items up or down a list, setting a date and time, marking an item complete, and more. Providing in the updated app is also fully handy from the keyboard which is highly important for users.

There are many new features available includes support for dragging and dropping to-dos into the Things’ sidebar to move them to other lists. Use the updated version and feel the richness of iPad. Things 3 for iPad can be downloaded from the App Store with reasonable rates.