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This is how you can get Digital Wellbeing of Android 9.0 Pie on your pixel smartphone


Nowadays, Google is putting more efforts to improve human health. It has recently released Android 9.0 Pie, the latest operating system version of Google that adds on gravitating features focusing more on digital wellbeing. It will make users restrict mobile addiction on their own.

The new software update includes tracking of time you spent on apps on your tablet or smartphone and removing color from the screen at a specific time of the day. For time being, the features are rolled out only for Google-powered Pixel smartphones including Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL and not for any other Android device. Google might think to bring them for others as soon as possible.

Several specifications including Dashboard, App Timers, Wind Down and Do Not Disturb that collectively forms Digital wellbeing are still under beta testing process. The dashboard displays how much time users have spent on their smartphone having a breakdown of hours and minutes while app timers allow you to set time you need to disburse on your device. Once it reaches the specified time, users get a warning message.

The wind-down feature is further prompter for users to put their phone down at the end of the day. Do Not Disturb mode on the other side puts your device on silent mode and cuts down all the alert messages and ringtones. It releases influential notifications and have tried to improve battery life.

Google faces more problems in distributing its updates. According to the estimation, only 12 percent of the Android devices were updated to the previous version of the device, which is Oreo. Google worked hard with third-party device manufacturers to deliver best and latest update to the users. But, it seems like the tech giant has failed to do so.

To access these features your Google smartphone should have Android 9.0 Pie installed. Once it’s been installed you need to wait for Google to officially release the OTA.  Later, you can update your phone and enjoy the Digital Wellbeing beta program.

Google usually prefers confectionery or dessert based nicknames for its operating system. So, why it has made such an alteration this time?  Andrei Popescu, Chief of Android’s London engineering team said, “Google wants to keep the user interface quite sophisticated and beautiful so that usage is simpler and innovative. Pie can be one of the easiest names an Android operating system can have.”

Users will receive an email from Google that states steps to download and install the latest OS update. They should definitely take advantage of this program. It’s not only useful for kids but also for their parents who want their child to put down their smartphones as early as possible.

Other innovations that Google will offer at the time of launch include:

  • App actions that signify the task user wants their phone should perform next. The smartphone will further list some suggestions for users to select.
  • A screen brightness facility that allows users to regulate brightness according to the environment they are surrounded by. The brightness settings automatically changes according to the requirement.
  • New gesture controls to switch flawlessly between different applications.