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Tinder and Facebook will bring some features for college students as well


Both the tech giants Instagram and Tinder will bring some trending features for college students very soon.  Instagram owned by Facebook has already started testing a feature that will make it easier for college students to connect and communicate with their batch mates.  Tinder, on the other side, is owned by massive Match Group community designs Tinder U feature that allows students to change their searches at school or nearby campuses.

According to the experts, “These new features will mark a type of homecoming for both the platforms.  It will once again peep into the past.”  Both the tech giants are busy improving the concerns of privacy today.  This is something very unusual they’ll implement.

Vanitha Swaminathan, social media and branding professional at the University of Pittsburgh said, “The next steps of social media still not confirm.  It might step back and start once again from the basics.”  They are trying to connect people even at the local level.

Instagram and Tinder are the basic and most common social networking platform used today by the youngsters.  There are several apps for dating, networking, shopping, entertainment, networking, and news.  Hence, coming with the app that will be most widely used by college students to remain in contact with their friends, batch mates, and classmates was a need of an hour.

Around 62 percent of users, today are teenagers having age between 18 to 24 years.  These figures are far less than other social media giants such as Facebook and Snapchat having 69 percent and 84 percent of the teenage users respectively.

Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst at eMarketer said, “Introducing this feature will increase the number of Instagram subscribers and users.”  We could get to learn what young people think about social media today.

Young people are more concerned about privacy.  Hence, they are least interested in sharing their posts with the public audience.  Narrowing their audience to the college students only will be a great attempt of Tinder and Instagram thus making their life more interactive.